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Our Expertise

GEM Group oversees the most experienced lobbyists in the Nation.  Our lobbyists work diligently with all Federal Agencies and The United States Congress to promote your agenda.  GEM Group is your “essential advocate on Capitol Hill.”
Who We Are

GEM Group is a sophisticated group coming from academic, financial, and political roots.  We have reached the pinnacle in the ascent of the most innovative ideas on the American landscape.  Let us do it for you.  


We have a team of research assistants that delve into all areas of medical research, from pharmaceuticals to psychology.  When GEM Group takes on a project we feel confident that we can match up the right investors, whether private or public, to aid the American medical consumer and their providers.


Energy is of the utmost concern to us economically.  Our future is vested in the clean transportation of goods and services.  It may be a hybrid idea or something completely new, but GEM Group moves markets and people.  Entrepreneurship drives us.

What is Private Equity?
Who Benefits from Private Equity?
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